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LuLaRoe was built on the dreams and actions of founder, DeAnne Stidham a little over three years ago. Lularoe is a direct sales company that designs comfortable, affordable, on-trend clothing that is sold by independent fashion consultants, like LuLaRoe Amy Marie Boone. Each piece of LuLaRoe clothing is made with love and attention to detail. The company is based on light, love, and positiveity!


Lularoe is unique. Each design is printed and then released to production in a limited collection. There are only about 1000 pieces of that particular design (print) is made. Once that print is released to consultants, it is scattered out across America. If you see a print you love, buy it immediately because there are thousands searching everywhere to find their perfect piece! Don't miss your chance to own the LuLaRoe print you love!! Nothing haunts us like the LuLaRoe we didn't buy!!!

Each of Lularoe's unique pieces are only sold by consultants. The consultants then sell the clothing online or at in-home pop-up boutique parties, where you can touch, feel, and try on all of the beautiful pieces. There is no presentation, no catalogs to flip through or order numbers to write down, and no pressure! Visit a local pop-up boutique, try on the clothes, laugh with your friends and get to know new people, and shop in a comfortable and familiar setting! There's no place like home!!



Highly sought-after pieces are referred to customers and consultants as “unicorns” – a term used as a nod to the rarity of the item.


Deanne Stidham is the CEO and Founder of LuLaRoe! The company is named after her first three granddaughters: Lucy, Lola and Monroe… LuLaRoe! She is the visionary who built this amazing company and she continues to expand, providing thousands of fashion consultants the ability to own their own business!