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Many Lularoe Consultants have built the foundation of their business by doing in-person pop up boutiques in the home or in a business of the hostess to build relationships with her or him and each guest. This is the ideal environment because the guests can touch, feel, and try on all the beautiful pieces. There is no presentation to sit through, no catalogs to purchase from, no waiting for items to arrive, and no pressure! Guests get to come over, and try on clothes, laugh with their friends, and shop in a comfortable and familiar setting with someone they already want to see, YOU!


Your only job as a hostess is prepare an area in your home ahead of time. I will bring the clothing and set up the beautiful pieces for display, while you visit with your friends, meet new people, shop to your heart's content, and earn free product at the very same time! Hostesses (that's you) earn 1 free item for every 10 pieces their guests purchase. Before you know it, you'll have a big, bright and beautiful Lularoe collection of your very own!!


Please do not fret if we do not live close! Instead, Reach out to me and I'll introduce you to one of my LuLa-Sisters in your area! She or he will be happy to help you host your own pop up!! Still rather host with me?! That's great too!! We can set your party up online and use a social media outlet, such as Facebook, to host your pop up! Once we gather the guests and we reach the set party time, your guests will be provided with a link to my shopping pop up website and the clothes they choose will be shipped from me, straight to them! Easy!!
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